JUN-II: Job done – again. :)


Just to back it up and make sure of it, the boys went out once again and reset the record with a 7.898 @ 187.13 (a 300Km/h run, woohoo!)



A proud photo of the guys, just prior to their removing the ‘chute and driving it down the road for some take away kebabs.  Well done, #1! 🙂

JUN-II: Job done.


The boys managed to pull out an awesome 7.908 @ 185.46 run today.  Congratulations to Rob and all the boys at CRD for their awesome efforts and dedication in getting an Australian road registered and street legal GTR into the 7 second zone.  That MPH is impressive and should tell everyone quite a lot about what’s to come.  🙂

A truly awesome effort from Rob on the driving and another sincere thanks to all the guys at CRD.  Here’s looking forward to the next stage!

JUN-II: Testing various setup changes


A pass from earlier in the day today.  The track prep leaves a lot to be desired, as evidenced by the 1.31+ second 60 foots its been pulling.

Rob and the boys are trying very hard to get that elusive 7 second pass, at least the car is consistent, so even the subtlest changes to its setup are obvious in the time slips.


The best pass of the day was an 8.005 @ 179.80 which is pretty much Rob hitting a mosquito on the run, I think.  🙂

We have no idea how many runs the car has done in total now, but it’s been totally reliable and it’s a testament to the engineering effort that’s gone into building it.

More to come tomorrow, all credit to the boys at CRD for all of their efforts – and to Rob who’s been keeping it running straight!

Motive DVD video

The guys from Motive DVD have done an intro piece about GTR-700 and have put it up on some website called “Youtube”


Rob gave a great overview in the interview and neatly said all that needed to be said.  So enjoy, there will be a lot more coming in the future.

JUN-II: Saturday testing results


Rob and the boys from CRD took JUN-II out to WSID for some more setup and launch testing this past Saturday.  Their best pass of the day was an 8.031, but they’re now hitting the 1.2x second 60 foot times – and the car has faultlessly been running back to back runs without any issues.  Check out that half track, though…  that’s awesome.  🙂

JUN-II: Jamboree 2016 Results


8.068 @ 176.35 with a 1.302 second 60 foot.

Awesome work!  It looks like Rob must have hit a bee during the 60 foot, otherwise he’d have hit that elusive sub 1.30 and oh-so-close to a 7 second pass.  Another car a few passes earlier had taken out the half-track timing equipment, so we don’t have any info on how JUN-II did to half-track on that pass.



8.298 @ 180.14 mph test pass done earlier in the day, but sadly they never got to push JUN-II as hard as planned, because even though the front and rear half-shafts it shat out were quickly replaced, the event organisers simply ran out of time to allow for some late grudge passes.  The MPH is nice, though…  🙂

Rob and I wanted to extend a huge “Thank you” to the boys at Croydon Racing Developments for all their hard work and effort throughout the weekend and the lead-up preparation.  Thanks a heap for all the dedication guys – you made an overweight (1700Kg plus) street registered and driven road car, that is running drag radials with E85 pump fuel, to pull consistant sub 1.35 second 60 foot times with 175+ mph passes.

JUN-II: Getting there!


8.126 @ 177 mph : Still working on launching and not pushing it.  They’re working on getting that 60′ down into the 1.2x’s.

For the record:  JUN II is street registered and street driven, with all ancillaries, is full-weight (much heavier than stock) and is running on drag radials.

Great work Rob!

JUN-II: Gallery

Rob Marjan’s JUN II R32-GTR getting its tyres ready for this weekends Jamboree in Queensland:



They arrived and unloaded this morning, the weather looks good:



The first timeslip from midday testing:



That was a conservative test pass, so it’s on target for 7’s, which is nice.  🙂