JUN-II: Getting there!


8.126 @ 177 mph : Still working on launching and not pushing it.  They’re working on getting that 60′ down into the 1.2x’s.

For the record:  JUN II is street registered and street driven, with all ancillaries, is full-weight (much heavier than stock) and is running on drag radials.

Great work Rob!

JUN-II: Gallery

Rob Marjan’s JUN II R32-GTR getting its tyres ready for this weekends Jamboree in Queensland:



They arrived and unloaded this morning, the weather looks good:



The first timeslip from midday testing:



That was a conservative test pass, so it’s on target for 7’s, which is nice.  🙂

Stage 4

Some VHDL:

library IEEE;
use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.all;
next_stage: stage_config (turbo, boost, fuel, stage) 
 turbo <= 115;  -- Compressor impeller mm 
 boost <= 5.00; -- Kg/cm2
 fuel <= CH3OH; -- Methanol
 stage <= 4; 
end stage_config;